New Season, New Project

Much to my satisfaction, I began the summer with four WIPs and finished with only two! Even better yet, only one of those was a holdover from the beginning, meaning I not only finished the other three, but finished a number of others as well! Hip hip hooray! As I have moved back to what I call home base right now, I can resurrect projects such as blankets…one of which has been a going on 6-year WIP. Another, has been waiting for 2 years now. I need to get on those WIPs. Oh, even better one’s a crochet project…let the wrist cracking commence!

As for the FOs, they include: one vest, one sweater-shirt thing, two hats, one scarf/shawl thing, and one pair of socks. I shall post pictures when I feel appropriate.

You would think that it would mean a plethora of FO pictures. Negatory; I failed  to take pictures of those, instead I decided to take pictures of much nicer things this summer such as landscapes and other adventures this summer.

New Season, New Project

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop

…You can do it real slow so your heart won’t palpitate…just don’t be late…do the Puyallup!

Yup, went to the Puyallup fair this weekend and while all the attractions didn’t strike my fancy, I was somewhat amused or bewildered at the very least by the various attractions and exhibits that were present. I did see plenty of farm animals (which I was not to excited about; definitely followed the group stricken with guilt into the barns) and ate plenty of fried food. Epitome of gluttony? Most definitely. It was nevertheless a fun experience.

Pumpkin Carving

I really liked the variation and mix of styles of this building.

Incredibly delicious scone

Totally geeked out in front of this model; they even put rebar in and outlets! Incredible craftsmanship!

Highlight of the fair? The Artists in Action area. I was introduced to spinning through this demo that was going on:

I had a long and exciting discussion with the spinners about the process and portability of a spinning wheel (and eventually a drop spindle) and decided that I need to take up this activity ASAP. As a result I have spent the last two days looking up methods and spindles. As well as roving. Ugh, I do not need a new craft. However, after much deliberation, I have decided that spinning will help me save for yarn in the future. (However, I strongly doubt that I will completely stop buying yarn; I feel that it is a habit that cannot be broken) Plus, I realized that there are tons of SHEEP on my campus (and the occasional llama) therefore I might be able to get some fleece…for a really affordable price! Ruh roh, carding combs, spindles, and dyes here I come! I’m super excited for this spinning thing; can’t wait to get my hands on some roving and a spindle to try it out!

I also purchased this skein of yarn at the fair. I’m quite disappointed I didn’t think to take a picture of all the yarn that was available for sale, but I’ll just have to describe it to you: utter excitement. I walked from rack to rack trying to decide what to get and eventually settled on this:

Droolingly scrumptious yarn, eh?

In other news, Christmas season has officially begun: I have cast on my first Christmas present for one of my friends (and this honestly is a terribly late start; could potentially be a rushing season again)

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop

Fall is here!

As summer winds down, knitting starts to pick up. The race towards Christmas has begun! Well, in my eyes at least. Hopefully the start of school will still allow me some knitting – I guess I can always make time. But my summer FOs have yet to be posted – I’ve had a medium productive summer thus far, getting in two socks (non related), a vest, a hat, .

A few of my favorite fall things:

In other news, expect a summer entry soon. There are tons of pictures to be posted, I’ve only just re-ignited my desire to blog. Apologies for the hiatus.

Fall is here!