On the Subject of Journeys

I have developed an affinity for traveling. That is not surprising, seeing as these past 8 months are as “stationary” as could be, my only trips being to Hawaii and Northern California. I have not taken out my passport since July. That’s rather weird for me. Anyway, since I got to traipse through Europe during my study abroad stay, I started a new travel habit: yarn store hopping! Of course, I did not aptly document this, only purchasing yarn but not taking any pictures, but that stops here (er, rather stopped when I went to Hawaii). Introducing Yarn Story:

During my week in Hawaii (for spring break), I was extremely adamant about my mission to purchase Hawaiian yarn. Well, picturing a tropical scenery and yarn don’t exactly go hand in hand but I found a yarn store nonetheless (well two, I didn’t get to go to the other one, sadly. Plus my budget wouldn’t allow it.) I walked all the way down King Street in my quest for yarn and spent a nice chunk of time (probably 2 hours-ish) simply talking to the shop owner. She was a lovely lady (though I did not catch her name) and we conversed extensively about spinning, knitting, and other fiber components. While there was only one type of yarn that was locally dyed in Hawaii (which I acquired and failed to take pictures of; those will come) there was some roving that I had purchased from some sheep off of another island. Acquired both.

Anyway, a lovely little shop very interestingly organized on the shelf and might have been the size of two of my bedrooms. If I could, I would have loved to go there and knit for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I have yet to do that even in my hometown.

On the Subject of Journeys


I have a severe addiction to sock knitting. While I may not have a ton of socks in my closet, I have casted on approximately double the amount of socks that are there to show. Moreover, sock yarn never stays in my stash. I will use my sock yarn quite soon after purchasing it. Isn’t the feel of superwash merino in sock weight just dandy? It’s always too tantalizing to keep. Do you have a favorite yarn weight/feel?

I finished kitchener-ing my second sock on a pair I’ve been working on for approximately 4 months last night and wove the endings in this morning. No, I haven’t been continuously working on these. In fact, this specific pair of socks I’ve only continuously worked on for about 4 weeks. They’ve been hibernating quite a bit. Favorite time I worked on these? In a 15 foot by 10 foot hotel room packed with 8 guys (and me) in Santa Barbara for an ultimate frisbee tournament. Now that was fun times. In fact, that was where I finished the first sock. Then I got halfway through the leg of the second one before letting it rest for a couple months. And here they are:

Yup, wearing them in studio
Cables and Heel

Funny enough, these socks have been 4 other socks. Yup, that’s right 4 other socks. Well, technically not actually 4 other socks, but I’ve finished at least 1/2 of a pair (one) other sock with 4 other patterns? I’m sure none of that made any real grammatical sense, but I’m sure you readers know what I mean. I’ve frogged this yarn 4 times in the quest to finish them, and I’m pleased to present to you my Journey Socks. If anyone wants a pattern, I’ll gladly write one up, but for now, they’re simply the socks (yarn) that had been purchased in Seattle in 2010, traveled to Italy as one pair of socks, traveled in Europe as another pair of socks, to California as a different pair of socks, back to Seattle for the summer, and back to California as another pattern. And now, they’re a different pair completely.

Isn’t knitting about the journey/process? (I’m definitely a process knitter) Isn’t life about the journey and the process?