starting over and over (and over again)

I’ve had some trouble lately starting and continuing what I had deemed my travel project. I just came back from a 10 day trip to Cape Cod and have very little progress to show. I’m taking on Awry using Habu Paper Linen yarn on #4 needles.

Fail #1

My first attempt ended up with being twisted in the round. Yup, after joining 30482309 times in the round, I still make that same mistake occasionally. Worst part is, I had stayed up late to join (probably the source of my mistake) the night before my flight so I had slept only 4 hours before waking up to leave. So I had knit about 9 rounds (and I cast on about 296 stitches) before realizing that fatal error. Of course I was enraged (on a plane) and just slipped off the cord for the provisional cast on AND my circular needles (note to everyone: DON’T DO THAT. the result is a heap of tangled yarn). And so I spent about 3 hours til I landed untangling (then ended up cutting the yarn at the impossible tangle that stripped it of its leaves).

Fail #2

I cast on 296 stitches again about 2 days later after I was done sulking (yes, this adult sulks at her knitting). Hopefully the yarn and needles (who I blamed completely for that error) had learned their lesson after that. And they did. This seemed to be successful, I completed about 4 inches of knitting by the end of my lovely vacation…all seemed well. Then on the plane ride home, I held it up and realized This shirt seems big. Oh gosh…this is double my size. DOUBLE. Let the frogging commence. “Luckily” my flight was delayed a lot. As in 3 hours a lot. So I spent those (trapped) 3 hours frogging and casting on and recalculating.

Fail #3

I re-cast on a little more than half those stitches (I refuse to believe that I’m 140-some stitches in circumference). And joined. FATAL ERROR. About 4 rounds in, I realized I twisted yet AGAIN. Who in their right mind would make such a silly mistake…AGAIN? One would think that a) knowing how to knit in the round for years now and b) making that mistake a mere 10 days earlier, I would have been more careful. Nope. (halfway through the flight now)

Attempt #4

Note the label “attempt.” I haven’t found an error yet. But I have dropped the cord from the provisional cast on once and then realized I should secure it a little better. Luckily I’m on the hem round and so far so good..but I’m not getting too cocky yet. I guess this may have cured my start-itis for now…I’m shooting to finish at least a handful of my current WIPs before starting the Christmas knitting next month.

Though this may have seemed to be a nightmare of a problem project, I still love the yarn, love the needles, and love the project. I guess it’s the stubborn-ness in me that keeps me going.

In other news, it’s 2 days ’til the big moving day. And by big moving day, I mean moving about 1,200 miles away from where I’ve grown up. I guess it’s become-an-adult-time! (That also means, I’ll try to post between now and next week but that may or may not happen)

starting over and over (and over again)

Agonizing over those Arms

So I started this sweater thingie (I think of sweaters as squishy, cozy things – this is definitely not squishy or cozy) about 2 weeks ago and I knew I wanted something drapey. I wanted something light and summery (which is why it’s not supposed to be cozy).  It’s beautiful, light, and airy. I wanted something I could wear when the sun goes down (here in SoCal, it’s still relatively warm when the sun goes down, but I get cold. I’m always cold). And I wanted something netty. This is all of the above. But it needs sleeves! I could just leave it as a vest thing – which it is right now – but I want sleeves. It doesn’t quite serve its purpose as an evening cover unless it has sleeves (at least in my book)!

So I had picked up a few stitches for sleeves (I like working things together. It makes me feel more productive) and that wasn’t right; too many gaping holes in the netting. So I picked up from different loops. Too bunchy. GAH. Any suggestions? I really would like to finish this soon….let me go back to agonizing over these GOSH DARN ARMS.

(I improvised/took notes on what I did, but this will require plenty of blocking. It’s Weekend by Berroco in Willow)

Agonizing over those Arms

Dog Days of Summer

Getting a spinning wheel was by far the best purchase I’ve made since graduating. First of all, I’ve found that spinning (on a wheel) is so much faster than drop spindling – though that should have been obvious to begin with. Secondly, the start to finish speed is SO much faster than knitting. But it’s not quite the same finished satisfaction as knitting is, since what I’m left with is raw material for knitting…duh?  This is a skein of my first spinning wheel product, a blend of Corriedale and Merino, aqua-white. I blended on my homemade hackle (which is quite ugly, might I add) and my laser cut diz (super awesome!). I had fun taking pictures.

My project attention span is at an all-time low. In one day, I’ve found myself working on up to 8 different projects from crocheting to spinning to ink washing to knitting…multiples of some. But I’m starting to feel the finish project itch, you know, the one where you haven’t seen output in a while and want to sit and finish that one thing. Problem is, when you feel the finish project itch at the same time as the start project itch…well then you’re pretty much digging yourself into a bigger hole since finishing takes much longer than starting, and well I don’t swatch but I start…all the time…and you can tell where this is going. Throw my senior project booklet (which is required for my elusive diploma) and portfolio into the mix and I’m in a chaotic mess.  Any suggestions for curing one – or the other?


Dog Days of Summer

Romney Friends

Romney Friends

To be spun…

The Romney roving I got from Hawaii appears to be eating the Romney locks from Woods Hole, Massachusetts (where I’ll be going next week!). I’m spinning them together (first carding them) to be a delicious deep aqua/turquoise with just the right amount of brown…it’s so rich and delicious! Pictures to be posted in a bit! Yay, spinning!