The Art of Unwinding


There really is no better way to unwind from a day than to sit and knit and read a good novel. Rather than use brainpower, it Allows me such a nice release from the various demanding energies throughout the day and simply an outlet to float off to distant lands. Sure my evening was spent knitting but my focus was split between teaching knitting and the election; not very relaxing if you ask me!

I’m currently working on some Cadence Socks (ravelry link to be posted later) in some Madelinetosh I acquired this weekend on a whim. I can definitely see what all the buzz on Madelinetosh is; too bad I can’t use it for every project!

I know I’ve been absent for quite some time and I’m sure there’s no good excuse. By at least I’ve been doing some knitting?

The Art of Unwinding