Years and Goals


So this blog fell asleep, hibernated for quite a while, and decided to finally wake up under a new address. But it has the same spirit, though new lessons and with more wisdom. But anyway, the new year is such a great time to reassess various aspects of life, and while this entry has been 26 days in the making (granted, my computer was in the shop for half that time, thus making it impossible to actually post), I’ve had some time to reawaken my blog and set some goals for this year, at least crafty goals.

1. Stash/WIP dieting: I think this is a major one that virtually every knitter has. But my yarn stash has grown considerably in the last year and needs to get smaller. Plus I need to start spinning what I have. I hope to purchase only sweater yarn over the next year, and that is for a total of (5) more sweaters this year (at most).

2. Blog twice a week: to me, this doesn’t sound very often. But looking at how long this has slept, this is a pretty lofty goal. Hopefully I won’t let the frisbee season take over too much and still deliver a post or two during the busy summer months.

3. Exploration of dyeing: do some fiber dyeing (yarn and/or wooly things) at least once a month. I forget how quickly I can set up the crockpot and colors and just leave it as I go about my business, and how satisfying it is. Plus having some sock yarn to dye will go perfectly with my hope to knit more socks this year.

4. Finish 1 cross stitching project: currently, I have a Christmas sampler in the embroidery hoop. Strategic placement of this project (next to my bed) hopes that it will get finished slowly by next Christmas so I can send it to my parents.

5. Complete my 2 sewing projects that await: I have one pillow case finished for my living room pillows that took me approximately 1 night after work to do. The other project is a DPN case that has been waiting since Thanksgiving. The former should be a cinch, but my procrastinating mentality always seems to get the better of me.

6. 1 knitted Christmas gift gets finished every 6 weeks. (After April): For any knitter, self explanatory. The last week before I left for my folks’ place for Christmas, I had gotten to the point where I was knitting while walking. I do not intend to be this panicked again. April, because I hope to take an architect’s exam between now and then, and this can wait…the most. (I hope?)

Sure, there are only 6 up there. But the first is really encompassing and extremely general. So as 2014 goes by, we’ll see where I’m at.

I currently have 100g of Knit Picks bare sock yarn in the crock pot and I’ll try to show you all later in the next post. I tried something new; rather than dump some color in the crockpot and see what happened, I soaked the yarn in synthrapol, put it in the crockpot, then used these squirty bottles to put the color in according to how I felt it should be arranged. I’m hoping this will create a tie-dye-ish self striping effect, but we’ll see.

’til next time Mr. Blog…

Years and Goals