This is standing in the way of blogging and knitting and quilting and doing all the other fun crafty things.

Stupid studying. Stupid professional exams.

But check out those needles! They’re Knitter’s Pride Karbonz, and I have to say, they’re my new favorite needles. From the warmth of wood to the pointyness of metal all packaged with some nice flexibility and speed, I really couldn’t ask for more in a set of sock needles. I really wish I had discovered these before getting my Hiya Hiya interchangeable set, but hey, at least I discovered them. While they’re a little on the pricier side, for someone who knits as much as I do, I definitely recommend these especially for the long stockinette projects. Also, that ball of sock yarn…guess who’s starting her Christmas presents early!

On the up side, my Mon Petit Gilet Raye is nearly finished, just some adjusting of the sleeves and some blocking/weaving in ends left! I seem to think that I’m bigger than I really am, both on the under arms and the size of the sleeves. Luckily, the waist shaping is spot on. Therefore I can use this as a model for future sweaters! Though it’s a loophole in my rule as well, I’ve already started swatching for my next sweater. I haven’t cast on for it yet; still following the rules! I do think I want to knit another one already though!