Well, It’s Been a While…

Only about 7 months since my last post. I’ve definitely been knitting, a little bit of spinning, and lots of adventuring. But no blogging – apologies for that one.  Also, a wee bit of organizing and cataloging which has proven quite useful and will definitely serve well.

Clearly I’m not going to catch up completely, but I’m super excited with how some baby FOs ended up, so I’ll share those today. These were my first 3 baby sweaters I’ve made, and there are definitely some lessons learned.

1. Finish the sweater while it still fits the baby. That applies to this one, Lacy Sweater, one I had started for a teammate’s baby back in Spring 2013. It got finished nearly a year later (due to hibernation, not pattern difficulty). It ended up quite nicely with some blocking, though I’d have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of the construction.

Lacy Sweater 1

See how the bottom is rather awkward at the bottom? I didn’t really dig the lace panel and picking up the stitches for that. But I did, however, love this detail:

Flower Detail - Lacy Sweater

That flower detail is absolutely delightful, and was incredibly simple (despite the seemingly intricate lace work it had appeared to take). I loved how the leaves were just like drawing with increases and decreases…it was quite nice.

2. Bottom up sweaters are GREAT! No seaming, raglan-esque shaping, sleeves are worked separately, one could try it on (if it weren’t baby-sized), super portable…the list just goes on. This one, the R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavallee was my first sweater I’ve ever worked bottom up and it was so easy and fun!

R&R Hoodie_1

Even though there were many new techniques (i-cord edging, pockets, a hood), it was a really straightforward and fast knit – I finished in 1 weekend! (Granted, it took 10 hours of travel – plane, bus, car).

Pockets are SO much easier than I had thought they would be…and are such an adorable little accent!


I-cord edging finishes with such great detail with not a lot of stress! I love this sweater pattern, it’s not overly gaudy so it’ll be super easy to give to almost any baby, and (hopefully) be used, and it’s a very fast knit. Between the hood and the pockets, this is the best elaborate, not so elaborate sweater pattern for a baby that looks casual AND adorable. I really could go on and on about this pattern…

Finally, 3. Colorwork is fun, fast, and so engaging! Especially for sweaters that look like they’re snowing! I love this pattern, Anders, with a passion as well. Both this one and the R&R Hoodie will be my go-to baby sweaters. Anders was a quick knit since you’re constantly looking forward to the next row, ever changing but simple stockinette around.

I loved the vikkle stitch detail with “sideways” knitting. I definitely want to use that in grownup sweaters one day!


And so, a couple of my FOs in the past 7 months! More to come…but I’m hoping it won’t be another 7 months til then!


Well, It’s Been a While…

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