Socks Galore

So socks are my go-to, always have those on my needles, project (well except at this current moment but I think that issue will be remedied very soon). It’s kind of a safety blanket for me, going wherever I go regardless of whether or not I think I’ll be knitting.

No surprise, during this blogging hiatus, I’ve finished 3 pairs of socks, despite having had that huge Girasole project to finish:

From left to right: Vanilla Socks (#22), Seed Stitch Socks (#23), and my Goodwill Socks (#24). I guess my next pair of socks will be my 25th pair! I really do need to update my ravelry with my old socks that I had made for Christmases past.

My vanilla socks were just plain stockinette socks with an eye of partridge heel, started last November when I was traveling in Germany. They hibernated for a little while and then picked them back up in the spring. I finished those pretty quickly and they’re quite a nice pair especially when paired with my birks. I used a yarn from Yarnarchy down in Portland, in the Liberty colorway. I really love how I can make a simple sock fun with hand dyed yarn.

The Seed Stitch Cable socks were made with some Madelinetosh sock, knit during a backpacking trip in the Olympic Mountains over Memorial Day weekend this year. The ribbing at the top is a 1×1 twisted rib with small cables bordering the feet and seed stitch instead of the typical purl. I love Madelinetosh and could gush about it forever…

Last but not least are a pair of socks made with some random self-striping yarn I found in a bag of yarn that I’d purchased at Goodwill. I liked the colors and figured it’d be a nice yarn to do a simple pair. Originally I was just going to make these socks for the long-term planning box but one of my teammates asked (while I was knitting these at a pub) if I could make her a pair of socks as she goes on a spiritual pilgrimage. These were be gifted to her with love and good thoughts.

Socks Galore

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