Birthday Baby Sweater – In Progress

Last year, I made some baby sweaters (Anders and the R&R Hoodie) for one of my good friend’s baby before he was born. So naturally, a year later he should get another since babies grow at an insane rate so of course both sweaters are now too small.

I chose Lancelot to be his 1 year old sweater, inspired by the Yarn Harlot’s version I loved. Using some acrylic grey yarn, I’ve breezed through the body and sleeves. I’m not super keen on this pattern however, as it seems that the pattern is a little difficult to follow. I’ve read numerous patterns and this one takes many tries for me to understand what to do. I have a good understanding of how the sweater is constructed so in large part I’m basing my work more off of the hidden knitterly instinct.

One somewhat major adjustment was the twisting of stitches in the “knit straight” rows. I also made the direction of the twisting stitches to follow the path it was traveling – not sure if that was intended by the pattern writer or not. I’m sure part of the difficulty is the language: it appears the original pattern was written in French.

I do like how it’s ended up so far, I just base my opinion of the pattern on how easily worked it is, especially when I’m around other people. In short, not all that easy. But I do like the product so it’s possible I’ll pick it up when it’s done. We’ll see after I’m done with this one!

Birthday Baby Sweater – In Progress

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