Intentionality: Slowing Down

Lately, I’ve been inspired by a number of new blogs that I’ve come across by binge-listening to the Woolful podcast. If any fiber folk haven’t ever heard about it, I strongly recommend giving it a listen.

Between the #slowfashionoctober series by the Fringe Association blog, the Stash Less series featured on the Craft Sessions, and all of the recycling and works by gridjunky, I really want to become a more intentional maker, with the idea of experiencing intentionality in a number of different facets.

My first incorporation of intentionality is through the process of slowing down. I’m constantly casting on new projects because I want to knit everything. Even though I generally love all my items I knit since I get a lot of my patterns from Ravelry, I often fail to swatch properly due to the all to often swatching and getting a good enough gauge. This has led to frogged sweaters due to ill-fitting final products ending with no product and a lot of knitting time.

Slowing down also refers to my finished objects. I’ve become inspired and would really love to build my knitting portfolio and display all my knitted items up to better heights, to keep better track of them. I think sometimes I’m in such a rush to finish up one project and start a new one, I forget to enjoy the finished object as it is.

The photographic essays presented in the posts by gridjunky have really hammered home the ideas of slow process and careful thought. The images really evoke a sense of careful making while fully expressing the creative process, bringing a different life into each set of materials. This has in turn inspired me to become a much slower, careful maker, attempting to intentionally selecting designs and uses for each material as they speak their purposes.

I think the ideals behind slowing down apply not just to my crafting but should be applicable to life in general. In today’s media-filled world, we are constantly inundated with new ideas, fresh headlines, and as a result our lives are expected to keep pace with the influx of information. Sometimes, especially when crafting, maybe it’s best to adopt the opposing way of life.

Intentionality: Slowing Down

Gift Giving Continued…

I hate wrapping paper. I have two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that I bought 3 years ago, for about $.50 each, that only have been broken into just this year, and that’s it. It makes me feel icky inside (in the same way garbage bags do – compost bags are ok, but that’s a different category). I don’t know what brought this feeling on, but I think after I moved out and on my own, I saw zero need in purchasing a roll of a wasteful product which purpose was only to be ripped apart.

So typically, when giving gifts, I’ll wrap them in newspaper (which I have readily available since I’m one of the five people left in the world who still subscribes to the newspaper or brown paper bags from the grocery store, since those always seem to be handy when I forget my reusable bags. I’ve shown my wrapping paper here, but this year, I spiced up some gifts with some awesome tags that I made in a jiffy while baking. Using some rubber stamps I got, some different colored ink pads, and some tags, I made these super cute gift tags…I felt the need to spice up some wrapping paper wrapped gifts. I especially enjoyed what I could come up with using the same stamps and varying the full bleed effect vs. the centered/biased/etc.

Super quick and easy, I absolutely loved the way these turned out…definitely will be using them again!

Gift Giving Continued…