The Bread Adventures, pt. 1

So two weeks ago, I decided to try something that seemed wild and crazy for me: baking my own bread. I decided to start out small with some french rolls, thinking at least they’ll be tons of small little pieces, can’t go TOO wrong with that. I think I had inherited a fear of yeast from my mom, who refuses to try to bake with yeast out of fear of screwing up wildly.

Thankfully, only a few things failed, nothing that completely destroyed the batch of bread! From top left to bottom right, the pictures are in somewhat chronological order. One major hiccup was the fact that my apartment is definitely not warm enough to allow bread to rise. Luckily my bread adventure pt. 2 is currently in the oven and I figured it out!

Also, I covered the rising dough with a dry towel the first time around, making the dough dry out. (That should have been rather obvious to me). After I cut the dough up into the balls and put it in front of my heater, I put damp paper towels with the logic that it would be thinner, allowing the dough to breathe more and therefore rise more. Negative. Instead the paper towels stuck to the dough leaving me with messy little balls.

Not cool.

In the end, I was left with relatively dense rolls, though still very edible and quite good! Rather proud of my first bread-scapade!

The Bread Adventures, pt. 1