Hullo Froggie

The ominous melody of frogs has been following me lately. Such a lovely sound, especially when mixed with the harmony of failure. That goal I set last week to finish the blanket? Fail. But I guess that’s why I make goal to begin with; if I didn’t have any goals then I wouldn’t really get anywhere. If I have them, at least I achieve…something. At least when it comes to knitting. I know for a fact that I rarely ever meet a knitting goal. Or at even any crafting goal to say the least.

Mr. Blankie is plodding along at a snail’s pace, naturally. However, I have made 2 headbands, but only an eighth of one currently exists. I am currently ill with the frogging disease, meaning for non-knitters I am destroying my handiwork. For knitters, I am simply satisfying the perfectionist attitude that goes along with purchasing high quality yarn. Now, a headband may seem like a menial and too simple of a project but when the weather is this:

and I am doing this outside:

(playing ultimate)

and my jacket does this within an hour:

then it’s time for a headband. Though one of my new years resolutions (like so many other knitters out there) was to not buy yarn for myself, I found that none of the yarn in my bin fit the criteria for my pre-imagined headband. Therefore, in keeping with my mission to visit possibly every LYS in the greater Seattle area, I ventured off to the Fiber Gallery. However, this is not the last time I shall be going there. I loved my first trip there, it’s easily accessible by a bus line near my apartment, and the selection was awesome. I loved the variety of materials there. However, no spinning things (at least I didn’t see any). And on top of that, I ordered some wool to mix in to pick up Project Sheep to Sweater once again. I’ll hopefully be dyeing some wool in the very near future.

Anyway, back to the headband. (Geez, I really do go off onto tangents all the gosh darn time!) I feel that any physical activity that warrants heat transmission from the head should go together with a headband. Hats are just too hot after running for a while, plus they always seem to fall off super easily. Moreover, they take so much more yarn than a headband and restrict your line of sight. The beauty of a headband allows your head to breathe while keeping your ears attached to your head. Quite nice, really. Unfortunately, despite such a simple product, I’ve frogged twice already due to the size. First was the ribbing; it was much to thick. Then it was too wide and didn’t fit me (well enough). I’m on my third try…third time’s a charm?

Despite my lack of loyalty to the blanket, I have made plenty of progress on the Inishmore legwarmers and I’m about an inch of ribbing away from being completely finished! Win!! I’ll take pictures of the FO once it’s done tonight, to be posted later. I’ve also made some progress (minimal) on Awry, one of the sleeves. I’ve forgotten how boring/tedious/fun (yeah, I know contradicting each other) this project can be due to the yarn, but constant stockinette. Hopefully that’ll be done by…March??

Pressing on with the headband.

Stay warm everyone! Let’s hope Seattle remains blue for the next couple days/weeks?

Hullo Froggie

Agonizing over those Arms

So I started this sweater thingie (I think of sweaters as squishy, cozy things – this is definitely not squishy or cozy) about 2 weeks ago and I knew I wanted something drapey. I wanted something light and summery (which is why it’s not supposed to be cozy). ┬áIt’s beautiful, light, and airy. I wanted something I could wear when the sun goes down (here in SoCal, it’s still relatively warm when the sun goes down, but I get cold. I’m always cold). And I wanted something netty. This is all of the above. But it needs sleeves! I could just leave it as a vest thing – which it is right now – but I want sleeves. It doesn’t quite serve its purpose as an evening cover unless it has sleeves (at least in my book)!

So I had picked up a few stitches for sleeves (I like working things together. It makes me feel more productive) and that wasn’t right; too many gaping holes in the netting. So I picked up from different loops. Too bunchy. GAH. Any suggestions? I really would like to finish this soon….let me go back to agonizing over these GOSH DARN ARMS.

(I improvised/took notes on what I did, but this will require plenty of blocking. It’s Weekend by Berroco in Willow)

Agonizing over those Arms

Winter, Christmas, and WIPs

Apologies for the lack of updates; this quarter definitely took off running what with 20 units and ultimate frisbee. As it is currently finals week, unfortunately knitting has had to take a back seat. But look forward to a pattern coming next week! My very first written pattern!

I’ve discovered a lovely little yarn shop hidden in Claremont village called Colors 91711. It’s a bit on the small side, but I really loved the atmosphere and can’t wait to return! Also, they feature spinning classes so I’m planning on taking that up in the new year!

Though knitting is taking a back seat this week, earlier it had seemed that there was a strong positive correlation between the number of knitting projects casted on and the number of deadlines approaching. That is definitely one thing that should be changed. Anyway, with Christmas coming strong and quickly, I have plenty of FO’s to share. First, pictures must be taken and I suppose I need to give them out first so no surprises spoiled. But there definitely has been no shortage of knitting in my life!

Good luck to all who are taking finals!

Winter, Christmas, and WIPs

Fall is here!

As summer winds down, knitting starts to pick up. The race towards Christmas has begun! Well, in my eyes at least. Hopefully the start of school will still allow me some knitting – I guess I can always make time. But my summer FOs have yet to be posted – I’ve had a medium productive summer thus far, getting in two socks (non related), a vest, a hat, .

A few of my favorite fall things:

In other news, expect a summer entry soon. There are tons of pictures to be posted, I’ve only just re-ignited my desire to blog. Apologies for the hiatus.

Fall is here!