On the journey home

I’ll write about Germany later but for now, as I’m sipping my final pint (of who knows how many, admittedly, this trip) I decided to set forth mother challenge: the great sock rush. With Christmas fast approaching, I’m hoping to finish these two socks.


I finished two hats and had worked on these two socks on the first leg of my journey (I’m writing this in a pub in London Heathrow). Now to see if I can finish them on my 9hr flight back to Seattle. The challenge is on!

On the journey home

Operation Hat Scramble Success!

With about 2 hours to spare, yours truly successfully completed the challenge she had set forth for herself just 13 hours before.

Since I left London – Heathrow, the second of two hats looked like this:


Sporadic dozing slowed my progress but by the end of the flight, I was beginning my decreases and knew that I would most likely succeed!


After a walk through the city that looked like this:


I got on a bus to Leipzig (that is currently supplying the wifi I’m using to blog right now!) with the hat looking like this:


Half an hour later, success! Operation hat scramble completed and ready for gifting! I’m pretty excited that it took me a mere 13 hours (really, 7 since I slept quite a bit) to complete!


Operation Hat Scramble Success!

Operation Hat Scramble Update

One hat down, 2/3 of a hat to go!

Here is the progress:

1 hour into the flight, 8 hours til London.


2.5 hours into the flight, decreases begin and then I put it down for my lovely 5hr sleep.


First hat got finished with 1.5 hours left in the flight! A total working time of about 4.5-5 hours.


Cast on for the second while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. I had to cast on twice for this one as well. No ball band (it’s old handspun) or knowledge of gauge = guessing.


It continues!


Lunch at Wagamama (not very good ramen) while knitting!


Apologies for the brevity but I’m blogging on the free wifi via my phone

Operation Hat Scramble Update

Operation Hat Scramble

16 hours in transit begin now, as I go from Seattle to London to Berlin to Leipzig, all to visit a very dear friend of mine. I had wanted to make a hat for both her and her fiancé but the balls yarn I had wanted to use were just short of hat quantity. At least adult hat quantity.

I put that idea on hold last week thinking that I didn’t want to buy more yarn for this. Then last night, in a fit of fear that I’d run out of knitting with my 2 no 3 sock projects an 1 shawl project, I grabbed 1 full ball + some handspun and challenged myself: Operation Flying Hats. 2 hats. 16 hours (plus sleeping and reading!).


So far the progress:


Cast on while riding the train to the airport. Which turned out to be too big, so I frogged after 2 rows and then:


Re-cast on at the airport.

…and the saga begins.

Operation Hat Scramble


Being binge crafter, I’ve been on a relatively constant spinning kick this week, meaning I hardly made progress on most of my knitting projects. That’s not to say everything’s been stagnant here.

I’ve finally finished spinning up the batch of wool that I’d gotten when I went out to Whidbey Island in August. I went out there with the intent of just hiking Deception Pass and spending the weekend out there, but the first night I encountered an absolutely lovely craft store in the city of Oak Harbor (where I stayed) where they sold only local fibers, yarns, etc. Moreover, this was an amazing place that had its own workshop where one could dye or spin their wool (among other things) as well. If only I lived closer to this place.

Now deception might be somewhat of a harsh name to give such a lovely fiber and yarn, but I feel that the colors, spinning & plying methods, and place and meaning of the fibers acquired have warranted such a name. It’s exactly what I think of when I see this yarn, for literal and more personal reasons. I have no idea what the different fibers are within this yarn and the colors vary greatly. Funny enough, upon first glance, it appears to be an aqua, teal flavored yarn.  But upon further examination, you can see the variety in fibers really well. And I really do believe the variety gives the yarn an amazing flavor, though it has yet to be knitted up so I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m extremely proud of the thoughts behind this yarn. Being immersed in thoughtful architecture has led me to search for a greater meaning behind every life decision, menial and major. Menial as it may seem, the meaning behind this wool makes spinning and (soon to be) knitting it so much more meaningful and enjoyable. I look at the yarn today and a wave of various feelings comes with a bundle of simple twisted fiber; I can see the twists and turns of life spun into this fiber.  More than just memories come with this fiber; emotions and nostalgia of that time in life.

I never really realized why the prospect of spinning and processing my own wool was so important to me. But after spending some time and thinking through all of the meaning and the ideas behind starting something from the very beginnings, it makes me realize how much each step of life can intrigue me. Knowing and learning about so many different stages in life and other forms of development such as design is absolutely fascinating and just constantly leaves me wanting more. I’m sure everyone has their medium for intrigue…any thoughts?


On the Subject of Journeys

I have developed an affinity for traveling. That is not surprising, seeing as these past 8 months are as “stationary” as could be, my only trips being to Hawaii and Northern California. I have not taken out my passport since July. That’s rather weird for me. Anyway, since I got to traipse through Europe during my study abroad stay, I started a new travel habit: yarn store hopping! Of course, I did not aptly document this, only purchasing yarn but not taking any pictures, but that stops here (er, rather stopped when I went to Hawaii). Introducing Yarn Story:

During my week in Hawaii (for spring break), I was extremely adamant about my mission to purchase Hawaiian yarn. Well, picturing a tropical scenery and yarn don’t exactly go hand in hand but I found a yarn store nonetheless (well two, I didn’t get to go to the other one, sadly. Plus my budget wouldn’t allow it.) I walked all the way down King Street in my quest for yarn and spent a nice chunk of time (probably 2 hours-ish) simply talking to the shop owner. She was a lovely lady (though I did not catch her name) and we conversed extensively about spinning, knitting, and other fiber components. While there was only one type of yarn that was locally dyed in Hawaii (which I acquired and failed to take pictures of; those will come) there was some roving that I had purchased from some sheep off of another island. Acquired both.

Anyway, a lovely little shop very interestingly organized on the shelf and might have been the size of two of my bedrooms. If I could, I would have loved to go there and knit for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I have yet to do that even in my hometown.

On the Subject of Journeys