Wednesday’s Wow Moment: Wrapping Paper

So I know I’ve been pretty negligent with the Wednesday Wow, but here I am, back again posting some random home crafty thingies. Today: Make some wrapping paper!

With birthday season for my family wrapping paper was never used more than these past three weeks. Having always felt that wrapping paper is rather wasteful and quite unnecessary, I have decided to refrain from purchasing any wrapping paper other than Christmas themed wrapping paper. Due to the plastic bag ban in Seattle (not against it one bit!) I have plenty of paper bags from those shopping trips when I bring no or too few bags with me. So what did I decide to do?

Yup, create my own. I cut the paper bag so I had the maximum amount of flat surface on it. Then I used a rubber stamp to do some decorating. I think watercolor will also work really well, if that’s what you’d want to do.

Too bad I was silly enough not to take pictures of the finished object. But I love the way this recycles it, allows me not to buy anything, and looks really awesome!


Wednesday’s Wow Moment: Wrapping Paper