Christmas Socks – Orange Rhythm

I like simple patterns for bus sock knitting. It’s not dry enough for without-looking-movie knitting, but it’s simple enough to not need to glance down at my phone every other second remembering the pattern.

For my Orange Rhythm socks, I used a simple 3×2 seed stitch rib, with Baah! La Jolla in California Poppy. Surprisingly, these socks didn’t take too long, considering they were men’s socks. I gave them to my uncle as part of the Christmas loot. It’s been a struggle finding interesting enough sock patterns that are masculine, simple, and engaging (the last two might be slightly opposing ideas), but I really enjoyed making these. Maybe they’ll be a future sock as well? We shall see…

On another note, check out this artist, Benoit Jammes’ work. I stumbled on this artist via and I was absolutely enamored by the cassette series he did. Thinking about the ephemerality of so many forms of media and how many exist out there, finding a quirky and amusing use for these physical (now defunct) shells of entertainment really caught my eye.

Christmas Socks – Orange Rhythm

Gift Giving Continued…

I hate wrapping paper. I have two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that I bought 3 years ago, for about $.50 each, that only have been broken into just this year, and that’s it. It makes me feel icky inside (in the same way garbage bags do – compost bags are ok, but that’s a different category). I don’t know what brought this feeling on, but I think after I moved out and on my own, I saw zero need in purchasing a roll of a wasteful product which purpose was only to be ripped apart.

So typically, when giving gifts, I’ll wrap them in newspaper (which I have readily available since I’m one of the five people left in the world who still subscribes to the newspaper or brown paper bags from the grocery store, since those always seem to be handy when I forget my reusable bags. I’ve shown my wrapping paper here, but this year, I spiced up some gifts with some awesome tags that I made in a jiffy while baking. Using some rubber stamps I got, some different colored ink pads, and some tags, I made these super cute gift tags…I felt the need to spice up some wrapping paper wrapped gifts. I especially enjoyed what I could come up with using the same stamps and varying the full bleed effect vs. the centered/biased/etc.

Super quick and easy, I absolutely loved the way these turned out…definitely will be using them again!

Gift Giving Continued…

Christmas Givings

Now that Christmas has come and gone, gifts finished and (mostly) given out, I can share the loot. Well 90% of my knitting was socks, and 3 of those are mens socks (which take FOREVER).

Here are most of the goods (at least the ones not finished on time)

Socks have been my go-to for Christmas gifts for the past 2 years now, since no matter the climate everyone needs a pair of comfy socks here and there. They’re also the best bus project, being quite portable and have become somewhat of a mindless knit for me. I love how they keep my hands busy while I’m hanging out with friends, on my commute with a podcast, or watching a completely engaging movie.*

The hat is the only item that I directly used a pattern – the rest were improvised sock patterns with stitch patterns that I got from various sock books or my stitch dictionary. I’ll go into some socks more later…

The hat I made was a Peppermint Hat from the Interweave Gifts edition from 2012. And it was an absolute joy to knit. I finished it within days, didn’t even swatch (no time to at that point!) and loved the yarn a lot. So much so, I decided to make some matching mitts with the same yarn, improvising the color chart to match.

I did get the other two pairs of socks that aren’t up there on the recipients’ feet. Yay for use pictures! That always warms my heart…even more adorable was that my brother (who’s feet are in the blue socks) was worried about wearing them with shoes. I then proceeded to tell him that the more worn out hand knits are, the more complimented I feel, as knits are to be used as much as possible and are a sign of love.

Gift knitting is something of a complicated and often seemingly judgmental conundrum. I always feel like I want to knit all of the things for everyone, but then the question is what or whether they’ll actually use the gifted object. Then there are the people who voluntell knitters to give them something and quite frankly (usually) they automatically go to the not going to knit for you list. Anyway, I’m rambling. In short, I’m tired of gift knitting, so now I’ve been on a finish-itis spree! That’ll be shared next time…

*There are so many different t ypes of movie/tv-knitting relationships, brainless knitting is for the very intense movies that I can’t look away from.

Christmas Givings

On the journey home

I’ll write about Germany later but for now, as I’m sipping my final pint (of who knows how many, admittedly, this trip) I decided to set forth mother challenge: the great sock rush. With Christmas fast approaching, I’m hoping to finish these two socks.


I finished two hats and had worked on these two socks on the first leg of my journey (I’m writing this in a pub in London Heathrow). Now to see if I can finish them on my 9hr flight back to Seattle. The challenge is on!

On the journey home

Operation Hat Scramble Success!

With about 2 hours to spare, yours truly successfully completed the challenge she had set forth for herself just 13 hours before.

Since I left London – Heathrow, the second of two hats looked like this:


Sporadic dozing slowed my progress but by the end of the flight, I was beginning my decreases and knew that I would most likely succeed!


After a walk through the city that looked like this:


I got on a bus to Leipzig (that is currently supplying the wifi I’m using to blog right now!) with the hat looking like this:


Half an hour later, success! Operation hat scramble completed and ready for gifting! I’m pretty excited that it took me a mere 13 hours (really, 7 since I slept quite a bit) to complete!


Operation Hat Scramble Success!

Operation Hat Scramble Update

One hat down, 2/3 of a hat to go!

Here is the progress:

1 hour into the flight, 8 hours til London.


2.5 hours into the flight, decreases begin and then I put it down for my lovely 5hr sleep.


First hat got finished with 1.5 hours left in the flight! A total working time of about 4.5-5 hours.


Cast on for the second while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. I had to cast on twice for this one as well. No ball band (it’s old handspun) or knowledge of gauge = guessing.


It continues!


Lunch at Wagamama (not very good ramen) while knitting!


Apologies for the brevity but I’m blogging on the free wifi via my phone

Operation Hat Scramble Update

Operation Hat Scramble

16 hours in transit begin now, as I go from Seattle to London to Berlin to Leipzig, all to visit a very dear friend of mine. I had wanted to make a hat for both her and her fiancé but the balls yarn I had wanted to use were just short of hat quantity. At least adult hat quantity.

I put that idea on hold last week thinking that I didn’t want to buy more yarn for this. Then last night, in a fit of fear that I’d run out of knitting with my 2 no 3 sock projects an 1 shawl project, I grabbed 1 full ball + some handspun and challenged myself: Operation Flying Hats. 2 hats. 16 hours (plus sleeping and reading!).


So far the progress:


Cast on while riding the train to the airport. Which turned out to be too big, so I frogged after 2 rows and then:


Re-cast on at the airport.

…and the saga begins.

Operation Hat Scramble