Socks Galore

So socks are my go-to, always have those on my needles, project (well except at this current moment but I think that issue will be remedied very soon). It’s kind of a safety blanket for me, going wherever I go regardless of whether or not I think I’ll be knitting.

No surprise, during this blogging hiatus, I’ve finished 3 pairs of socks, despite having had that huge Girasole project to finish:

From left to right: Vanilla Socks (#22), Seed Stitch Socks (#23), and my Goodwill Socks (#24). I guess my next pair of socks will be my 25th pair! I really do need to update my ravelry with my old socks that I had made for Christmases past.

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Socks Galore


I have a severe addiction to sock knitting. While I may not have a ton of socks in my closet, I have casted on approximately double the amount of socks that are there to show. Moreover, sock yarn never stays in my stash. I will use my sock yarn quite soon after purchasing it. Isn’t the feel of superwash merino in sock weight just dandy? It’s always too tantalizing to keep. Do you have a favorite yarn weight/feel?

I finished kitchener-ing my second sock on a pair I’ve been working on for approximately 4 months last night and wove the endings in this morning. No, I haven’t been continuously working on these. In fact, this specific pair of socks I’ve only continuously worked on for about 4 weeks. They’ve been hibernating quite a bit. Favorite time I worked on these? In a 15 foot by 10 foot hotel room packed with 8 guys (and me) in Santa Barbara for an ultimate frisbee tournament. Now that was fun times. In fact, that was where I finished the first sock. Then I got halfway through the leg of the second one before letting it rest for a couple months. And here they are:

Yup, wearing them in studio
Cables and Heel

Funny enough, these socks have been 4 other socks. Yup, that’s right 4 other socks. Well, technically not actually 4 other socks, but I’ve finished at least 1/2 of a pair (one) other sock with 4 other patterns? I’m sure none of that made any real grammatical sense, but I’m sure you readers know what I mean. I’ve frogged this yarn 4 times in the quest to finish them, and I’m pleased to present to you my Journey Socks. If anyone wants a pattern, I’ll gladly write one up, but for now, they’re simply the socks (yarn) that had been purchased in Seattle in 2010, traveled to Italy as one pair of socks, traveled in Europe as another pair of socks, to California as a different pair of socks, back to Seattle for the summer, and back to California as another pattern. And now, they’re a different pair completely.

Isn’t knitting about the journey/process? (I’m definitely a process knitter) Isn’t life about the journey and the process?


Yarn Crawl 2012

So despite my rather rigorous schedule with my last quarter of school, I was still determined to participate in the first L.A. County Yarn Crawl. Of course, I forgot to turn in my passport, but I did only make it into three stores (on the first day too, sadly). I had a deadline on the following Monday, leaving me with little time to venture throughout the city. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t score some great yarn (and exciting potential projects!).

Totes and Yarn
Yarn Acquired

From left to right: Plymouth Happy Feet DK, Frog Tree Sock Yarn, Mountain Colors, and I forgot the last one. But there are sweater quantities of the last one, which is super exciting. I already know that the Frog Tree is going to be come simple ribbed socks, the Happy Feet are already on the needles (ribbed socks as well), and I’m thinking the Mountain Colors is going to be a cowl. But plans can change.

Though I only got a taste of the event, I had such a lovely time. I really wish I could spend more time at LYSes and with knitters; they’re such a happy, cheerful bunch (though that might be a premature label). The morning I spent perusing yarn shops put me in such a great mood after countless days toiling in front of a computer in studio. I always enjoy a good trip to the yarn shop as I always get to learn new tricks and get to know miscellaneous people. I can’t wait to graduate and have more time to devote to knitting (and ultimate frisbee).

…coming soon: a much needed Hawaii entry and a FO entry.

Yarn Crawl 2012

Double (Not too much) Trouble – So far…

With some yarn I had purchased at De Afstap in Amsterdam, I decided to make some Mockery socks. I haven’t created my own pattern for socks yet and since such awesome sock yarn isn’t quite accessible to me right now (at least I haven’t found it), I thought, why waste it on a potentially disastrous pattern?


the very first stage of the socks…

Even before I came to Italy, I knew I loved sock yarn. My first experience had been with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock yarn and I immediately became a fan. However, coming here and not being able to ask for, much less find, sock yarn I almost forgot about how much I loved working with it. More on my international yarn experiences to come in a later post.

I used some Regia Design Line sock yarn in “Mirage Print Fire.” ┬áMoreover, I decided to attempt to double knit this pair. I had some experience with double knitting with the Raccoon Hat but not with socks…I’m sure there’s a huge difference.

Some double knitting tips learned thus far:

1. Note the blue piece of scrap yarn tied around one of the strands. This is blue for a good reason: Blue = Back. Yup, this way when I realize blue is in front, something is really wrong there. However, it is super easy to slide the yarn down as I need to use it…let me tell you, possibly the smartest idea I’ve had thus far in my life.

2. Minimize the potential for crossing by keeping one strand on the left index finger and the other on the right. I believe this is combining Continental and English style but there is a good chance my jargon is completely wrong: I was never formally trained as a knitter, I just kind of explore and pretend that I do know.

Well, those are really all the tips I have thus far. I’m about 15% finished (but with BOTH socks!!) right now, so I really do have a long way to go. In fact, the best (hardest) part is yet to come: the heel! Stay tuned…

Double (Not too much) Trouble – So far…